Luis Huete

Luis has been a professor at IESE Business School since 1982 and has lectured in Harvard Business School’s Achieving Breakthrough Service and Advanced Management programs. He worked as a researcher at Harvard Business School and has participated in advanced management programs at famous business schools from all over the world.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has provided training and consulting services to more than 800 companies in 70 countries, working with CEOS and boards. His work focus on leadership, strategy, structure, behavioral reinforcement systems and corporate culture.

Luis Huete holds a Law Degree, an MBA from IESE Business School and a doctoral degree in business administrator from Boston University. He is the author of twelve management books.

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    Luis Huete

    Profesor IESE Barcelona

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Life is an infinite game in which we will have to confront many opportunities, adversities and overcome hundreds of small and big battles. In the complex, volatile world that we live, happiness seems impossible to be attained. However, it becomes crucial for leaders who have to balance their personal and professional lives and to reach their best version, so that they have the power to support followers to manage stress and to be performant.

Participating in this experiential workshop, you will discover how to become your best version, and how to reach happiness and fulfillment, being able to lead people towards bold objectives and towards a better life

This course is aimed at:

  • Leaders
  • Top Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Entrepreneurs

Participants will benefit from the seminar in three ways:

  • will know themselves more deeply.
  • will learn tactics and strategies to achieve their best personal version
  • will learn how to lead others in a way that make them more fulfill

This program is designed to provide an inspiring experience and the tools to gain the infinite game of life.

Session 1:

  • I deas are held, beliefs are lived.
  • What is t he subtle chain of Story Emotions Strategy.
  • How to reach your b est personal version
  • Check the “wealth” in a broad sense that we generate around us.
  • How to get f rom symptoms to causes.
  • How to align the t hree brains with conflicting instincts a nd to preserve future gratification.
  • Doing the right things vs. getting into trouble.
  • Cognitive biases. Behavioral disorders.

Session 2:

  • Leadership: from the inside out.
  • The big picture that ties all the relevant variables behind leadership, fulfillment, happiness and your personal best version.
  • How to enrich your personal story. The place of wisdom. The place of wisdom. Surfing the context and circumstances.
  • How to win the 5 personal battles: Focus. Interpretation. Emotional state. Self-imposed standards. Routines and time allocation.

Session 3:

  • Decisiveness to execute for short term effectiveness. Rigor to administrate for short term efficiency.
  • Sensitivity to integrate diversity for long term efficiency.
  • Entrepreneurship for long term effectiveness.
  • Personal growth and contribution as the best motivators.

Session 4:

  • vitality, relationships, emotions, job content, free time, money, contributions and dreams to conquer.
  • Success is not the destination but the conditions and the joy in which we do the journey.
  • EXEC-EDU certificate
  • 450 Euro (excluding VAT)

Early Bird price until November 9 – 390 EUR + VAT
Group discounts for companies

The number of places is limited, because it will be an interactive course.

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to call or write us, full details can be found in the Contact section.


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