• Dan Beșleagă, PMI, MBA

    Dan Belșeagă, PMI, MBA

    Managementul proiectelor

  • Doina Binig, EMBA

    Doina Binig, EMBA

    Expert, trainer și coach certificat

  • Dr. Oana Firică

    Dr. Oana Firică

    Managementul proiectelor, Statistică

  • Cristina Dragomir

    Cristina Dragomir

    Managementul proiectelor, leadership în proiecte

The Project Management program offers you the necessary expertise to manage projects, everything in line with the PMI® methodology – the leading membership association for the project management profession. In addition, it’s the first step to obtaining the most prestigious international title in this field: Project Management Professional (PMP®).

This management course is especially for:

  • Project Managers
  • Project team members;
  • Managers or specialists involved in transversal projects inside the organization
  • Entrepreneurs that wish to identify new ideas for developing their own business;
  • Add a verified set of best practices to your competencies, required to plan and manage all types of projects. You identify solutions adapted to the local work force and at the evolution level of your organization.
  • Take part in creating a team project and in analyzing a case study that illustrates all the techniques required at each stage in a project’s life cycle.
  • Transform these new competencies into a competitive advantage for the company and avoid the costly errors that can come up in case of improper management of a project.
  • You get the chance to make the first step to obtaining the PMP® title.
  • Identifying and validating the project requirements;
  • Building the project team;
  • Developing the Work Breakdown Structure;
  • Developing the project management plan;
  • Executing, monitoring, and controlling projects;
  • Managing change requests;
  • Closing the project, with a closing strategy.
  • an EXEC-EDU certificate,validated by PMI®, recognizing 36PDUs/ contact hours, with the help of which you can access the most valued international title, the Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  • a nationally recognized certificate of graduation – Project Manager role
  • 1260 EUR * (payable in 2 equal shares)
  • exam tax: 50 EUR

*For courses authorized by ANC, VAT is not applicable, according to OG 129/2000 and L163/2005.

“The program has helped me structure the practical experience I’ve accomplished so far. Each session of the program covered something new. Last but not least, the course took me out of my comfort zone and determined me to push my limits to be a better Project Manager.”
Oana Roșca, Manager de proiect informatic - INNOBYTE
“The delivery, interactive methods and the ability of the trainers to attract and involve us in discussions made this training captivating, even after 8 hours of work.”
Sebastian Pintilie, Reprezentant vânzări România - InVue Security Products
“I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the trainers and the interactive way in which everything took place.”
Cătălin Butnariu, Head of Deployment - Amber Studio
“A big addition to this program was the practical experience of the trainers.”
Liviu Burnea, Director executiv - Raga Engineering
“I was delighted by the team of experts and the warm atmosphere created by the EXEC-EDU staff. I confidently recommend the PM course and the team that makes its existence possible.”
Mircea Apăvăloaie, Managing Partner - Mortimer English School
“The experts that delivered the program gave us not what we asked for, but what we needed. As always, this is more difficult to understand and accept. Bravo!”
Valentin Pantazi, Project Manager - Raiffeisen Broker

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