Prospecting and Sales Relationship Techniques

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Selling to organizational clients can be a tough mission. Unlike the vast majority of purchases form the retail area, the process is complex and long lasting.

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Alin Gherman, EMBA

With an experience of 15 years in top management and sales in Romania and CEE, Alin worked both in multinational and entrepreneurial organizations (DHL, P&G, Holdman, Babel Communications, DPD, Nobel Romania). He holds classes in sales, marketing, merchandising, leadership, presentation techniques, customer care, design thinking.

  • Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Vânzări, Marketing, People management, Abilități de prezentare, Problem solving, Design thinking

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Although sales representatives can be excellent connoisseurs of the benefits offered by its product or promoted service, knowing elaborate techniques to convince their customers, sometimes they forget that maximizing sales depends on 2 relatively simple factors:

  • How do i GET to my client, how do I get my first appointment?
  • How do I INTERACT with the client to create bridges in the future?

With help from simulations, role-playing games and applications, this 1 day and a half intensive module invites you to discover which are the most effective prospecting techniques, how they work today, where you find new customers and, once identified, how you create an impact memorable at the first sales visit.

  • What is “selling”?
  • Selling process;
  • Market prospecting;
  • How to get to prospects;
  • How to get a meeting – prospects approach;
  • Planning and scheduling a sales meeting;
  • Relation development – relationships and success in sales.

EXEC-EDU certificate.

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Alin Gherman, EMBA


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