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The intensive program aims to provide the necessary skills for project management, for those who have or will assume responsibilities in this field, in line with the methodology PMI® (Project Management Institute) – the largest professional organization in this area.

Where – Calea Griviței no. 6-10, ground floor, Sector 1, Bucharest
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Period– 2 days

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Dan Beșleagă, PMI, MBA

He has significant business experience in IT project management and consulting (15 years as a Senior Project Manager and 8 years as a Consulting Manager in companies such as IBM Romania and SAP). Over 10 years of experience as trainer of Project Management. MBA at Henley Management College graduate. Project Manager Professional certified since 2002, Risk Management and Quality Assurance authorized at regional level.

  • Dan Beșleagă, PMI, MBA

    Dan Belșeagă, PMI, MBA

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Interest in project management continues to grow, along with the experience of companies in this field. The success of an organization is defined by its speed of adaptation to change. For this matter, companies have transformed their modus operandi into a long and permanent succession of projects.

These have led to an increased need for specialized staff, able to manage a wide range of projects, each with its own uniqueness, through specific knowledge, tools and skills on the border between profession and leadership.

The intensive 2-day course aims to provide the necessary skills for project management, for those who have or will assume responsibilities in this field, in line with the methodology PMI® (Project Management Institute) – the largest professional organization in this area. Lots of interactivity, workshops, minimum theoretical content, all this makes this course a necessary and useful experience for any coordinator or member of the project team.

The course is based on the North American methodology PMBok (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

In order to adapt to the diversity of participants’ profiles, in terms of their age, experience and communication skills, the program will be organized in an interactive manner. During the program, participants will be involved in group discussions, exercises / team activities, case studies, debating issues raised inside the group, resulted from participants’ daily activities.

The course also uses the simulation Project Planning™ (Human Synergistics). This involves organizing project management activities in a practical and efficient way to achieve them in the allotted time and budget.

  • A lucrative definition for “project management” and “project manager”;
  • Identifying distinctive characteristics of a project in comparison with the organizational processes; Understanding the limitations and constraints around a project and their role in determining the project’s content;
  • Developing skills for resources management in the project (time, budget, human resources, materials etc.);
  • Developing planning, organizing and prioritizing skills inside a project;
  • Separation between milestones and other project tasks and how to use them in measuring project’s progress; Efficient management of risks associated with a project;
  • Development of a communication plan for reporting problems and project’s progress; Assimilating lessons learned from a project and using them in defining or improving project management practices within the organization;
  • Building an action plan to further develop project management skills among participants.

Key concepts;

  • Project Management; Program Management;
  • The logical framework of the projects;
  • Project life cycle;

Initiation of the project;

  • Business case;
  • Feasibility of projects;
  • Reference terms;
  • Workshop;
  • Designation of the project team;
  • Project Office;
  • Phase review;

Project planning;

  • Creating the project plan;
  • Resource plan;
  • Financial plan;
  • Quality plan;
  • Risk plan;
  • Approval plan;
  • Communication plan;
  • Supply plan;
  • CA;

Project execution;

  • Monitoring and control;
  • Time management;
  • Cost management;
  • Quality management;
  • Change management;
  • Risk management;

Project execution;

  • Problem management;
  • Supply management;
  • Communication management;

Closing the project;

  • Administrative closure;
  • Closing the project;
  • Lessons learned. Epilogue.

EXEC-EDU certificate.

  • 375 EUR (VAT not included)
“I always liked to have a complex, exciting, challenging activity, to work in a team, to lead a team, to facilitate the way it works. During the Project Management program I learned to plan and organize better the requirements of a project, to observe and solve seemingly hopeless situations, to complete with a good outcome a project limited in time and costs. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional, creative, well-structured approach, by the variety, clarity and quality of the information received, by the way of working in a team. Studying management techniques and processes helps me to properly organize my priorities, activities related to each stage of the project. My ability to smartly identify and exploit available resources, to motivate and lead the team, to find optimal solutions for conflict situations, for details that make a difference, has crystallized. ”
Dan Sturzu, Director adjunct - Wu Xing
“This course has a fantastic purpose: to validate what you know, to facilitate new information learning, to organize what you know, to show you where to look and what to look for, to be aware of who and where you are. You’ll meet wonderful people, both trainers and colleagues. The course is wonderful! ”
Irina Petrescu, Head of legal dept. - GI Group
“Trainers gave us not what we asked for, but what we needed. As always, this is more difficult to understand and accept. Congrats!”
Valentin Pantazi, Project Manager - Raiffeisen Broker
“The program provides the necessary support for those who are “newcomers” in project management to understand what is the issues addressed and what is the spirit of the PMI method. For those who are familiar with the field and want to obtain PMI certification, it offers the opportunity to verify their knowledge and skills and to systematize it, at the same time, a welcome experience in the perspective of preparing for certification.”
Costin Stoica, Director de cumpărări - NCH
“Hello, I’m Alex, and my main experience is in IT – programming and administration. I wanted to take this course because I was always attracted to coordination and tasks management in larger teams. The course held at EXEC-EDU got me in touch with professional people, well trained in different fields, who helped me and stimulated me to understand and perceive the project manager profession much better. The people I came in contact with were open to any kind of ideas and determine you to think and look at the problem from different points of view. ”
Alexandru Herișanu, Expert aplicații de portal - PETROM
“Taking part in this course inspired the confidence I needed to be able to carry out my daily professional activity, consolidating the knowledge I had – component parts – about project management. The practical part was supported by examples given by the trainers, respectively the exercises performed during the sessions. ”
Monica Vartic, Senior HR Business Partner - SAP România
“I recommend this program for 7 reasons: excellent business card in the chapter “perspective conflict”, stable database identified /… .. a project manager, applicability in personal projects, good grade due to the knowledge acquired in the chapter new opportunities, trainers = a skilled, flexible, competent, disciplined helping hand.”
Florin Negură, Director de Vânzări Naționale și Parteneri - SIVECO România
“A modern course, very well structured, held by top trainers, with extensive experience in project management, all in a professional environment and in the company of exceptional colleagues.”
Ionuț Stoica, Inginer auto - Renault
“I got exactly what I expected from the course: it helped me settle and theoretically structure the practical experience gained so far. Each session of the course brought something new and made me want to apply what I learned on my projects. Last but not least, the course took me out of my comfort zone and determined me to try and push myself to be a better Project Manager. ”
Oana Roșca, Manager de proiect informatic - INNOBYTE
“It was a very useful course, which will definitely help me to develop and look at projects differently. The course material is extremely well done, and trainers are professionals with experience in PMI, they talk about applicable things, from which you can learn a lot. ”
Raluca Manta, UNICEF
“The program is extremely useful. I am glad that I chose this course, that I would recommend to others, without exception. In a few words, I can only say this: exciting, useful and efficient. Incomparable with what is on the market at the moment! I’m glad I made this choice, even though I initially thought the price was a bit high, but it’s worth it! Don’t hesitate to join this program by EXEC-EDU!”
Cristina David, MCSI
“I always considered that working in project teams is a challenge, because something new is constantly appearing. At the end of the course, in our activity, the faithful observance of standards regarding the project management becomes a new challenge. These standards of professionalism are applicable to all those involved in a project, from “stakeholders”, project managers and even the smallest wheels that set the whole thing in motion. ”
Constantin Bratu, Director general - Berarii României
“I started the Project Management course at EXEC-EDU to substantiate my knowledge in this field. On the one hand, I was surprised to see how wide this field is and on the other hand I was pleasantly impressed by the professionalism of the trainers and the interactive way it was delivered. I recommend this course to any project manager and, in general, to anyone interested in this field. ”
Cătălin Butnariu, Head of Deployment - Amber Studio Romania
“Participating in the Project Management course was an interesting experience and will prove useful for my further professional development. The program managed to inspire me and, in addition, I learned many concepts related to project management, things I used to know intuitively and now I have learned to apply them. I had both colleagues with whom I communicated very well and trainers who always showed availability. The course has a special advantage because you acquire teamwork skills and you can choose for the final project a topic with a wide range of application, learning how to schedule paperwork, lead a team and monitor a project. Congratulations, I liked the EXEC-EDU’s program! ”
Cristina Manolache, Director marketing - FG Food Carpați

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Dan Beșleagă, PMI, MBA


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