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Success of an organization is the team within it, but it must also be supported by a human resources policy aligned with the business strategy.

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Period– 2 days

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EXEC-EDU experts

They are trained in top business schools in the USA and Europe and have hundreds of hours of training and consultancy in project management. But what really adds value to the sessions they provide is their long-standing practical experience project management — thousands of hours of practice in complex projects from diverse industries (telecoms, education, media, constructions).

  • Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Management strategic și operațional

  • Mihaela Matei, EMBA

    Mihaela Matei, EMBA

    HR, Leadership

Correlation of the strategic objectives with performance, monitoring of the performance by indicators and their completion always represented the major challenge of any top organization.

We invite you to take part, during two days, in a dynamic and interactive workshop, after which you will obtain technical information regarding the performance measurement systems and its implementation method in a company. You will get familiar with the principles, models and practices that are the basis of the market and establish the functional and departmental performance indicators, starting from the vision, mission, values, company strategy and annual objectives of the organization.

The program includes an individual 60-minute consulting session. The session will be held by telephone, within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the organization of the course and will be jointly scheduled with the EXEC-EDU experts. This session aims to apply the concepts in practice, starting immediately, at the workplace, with the support of the 2 trainers.

The course is tailored for all those who, as managers of departments and functions, have responsibility in setting and evaluating the performance objectives, in implementing the company strategy at the functional and departmental level.

  • You will have the opportunity to define correctly the performance indicators of the company you represent;
  • You will know how to build a system of performance indicators for the subordinate team;
  • You will get familiar with experiences and practices from different sectors of activity;
  • You will learn how to support the management in carrying out this process, having technical and practical information;
  • You will discover and understand the correlation between mission, vision, organizational values, annual objectives, performance evaluation and setting systems, performance indicators setting.
  • Strategic directions and annual objectives;
  • The system of monitoring annual objectives;
  • Comparisons, Methods / Types of evaluation;
  • Profit – Productivity – Efficiency;
  • Performance evaluation. Performance indicators.
  • Types of organizations. Pro and cons of some organizational structures.
  • Performance indicators in production;
  • Performance indicators in services;
  • Performance indicators in NGOs.
  • Practical applications, on the real cases of companies of the participants.

EXEC-EDU certificate.

  • 375 EUR (VAT not included)
“It’s a program which gives you useful information, with multiple ideas and helps you identify the indicators that your company needs. Thank you, you’re doing a good job!”
Cristina Debricean, Trainer, specialist HR - Max Relax

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Mihaela Matei, EMBA, Monica Minoiu, EMBA


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