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Strategic positioning of this role in organizations is a critical success factor, both for the individual and for the company.

Where – Calea Griviței no. 6-10, ground floor, Sector 1, Bucharest
When – the is no session scheduled yet
Period – 4 months

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Adrian Manaicu

Adrian Manaicu has over 16 years of experience in consultant and/or financial auditor positions for companies such as Citibank, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Sarantis, Romtelecom, Policolor, Vodafone, Unilever Romonia. Member of the management board for companies such as RBS Bank, Vimetco (ALRO) and other well-known organizations. Since 1995 he’s a consultant for the Romanian-American Investment Stock.

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    Adrian Manaicu

    Contabilitate, Audit și analiză financiară

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The role of the financial manager is no longer limited to the realization and reporting of financial statements, but implies the efficient management of all the resources of the company – financial and not only. The financial director anticipates risks, accompanying the top management in strategic decisions.

At the end of this 4-month program, as a director or financial specialist, you will be able to use modern financial instruments and methods to perform analysis and make complex financial decisions, in accordance with global requirements. In this way, you will contribute to increasing the competitiveness and long-term credibility of the organization you come from.

This course is dedicated to:

  • Financial directors
  • Specialists in the financial-accounting department
  • Financial experts and consultants
  • General managers or entrepreneurs with basic knowledge in
  • the field of accounting and finance
  • You correlate the company’s finances with the overall strategy of the organization;
  • You evaluate the financial situation of a business correctly;
  • You correctly estimate the value of the enterprise;
  • You base the financial decisions in accordance with the interests of the shareholders;
  • Participate decisively in the elaboration of a business plan through financial planning;
  • You understand the fundamentals of the financial market and its main financing instruments;
  • Use the latest international financial practices;
  • Quantify financial effects in decision-making processes;
  • Use financial criteria in investment projects;
  • You manage risk and uncertainty situations;
  • You optimize growth opportunities with financial opportunities.
  • General strategy of the organization;
  • Financial diagnosis in a competitive context;
  • Financial forecasting and planning;
  • The growth of the enterprise and the financing of the economic growth. Sustainable growth rate;
  • Financial management of the operating cycle;
  • The decision to finance the enterprise and its impact on the value of the enterprise;
  • Financial market and main financing instruments;
  • Real investments – analysis and methods for selecting investment projects;
  • Estimating the cost of capital of the enterprise – methods, relevance, applicability;
  • Acquisitions, mergers – the price / value ratio in the negotiation process.

EXEC-EDU certificate, recognized by the Romanian Businesses Community.

  • 940 EUR (VAT not included).
  • Discount starting with 5% for groups of at least 3 people.
“The Finance for managers course was a very pleasant and revealing personal and professional experience, it answered many questions and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in a course of a different nature than my job. I liked the organization and the interaction with the teachers and colleagues, the fact that it lasted several sessions and I had the opportunity to fix my knowledge, even to put them in practice at work. I wanted to last longer. I think I know who I would have wanted to be my second professional training, after IT and mathematics, I hope I have the opportunity to implement it more. “
Cornelia Ciungu, Coordonator Dezvoltare Software - Farmexim
“It was extremely interesting and exciting to participate in the discussions from the courses. I would not have said that finances, budgets and accounting keep us on top of the program to solve problems, answer questions and to be actually nice.”
Loredana Sandu, Director general - Condor SA
“The course is dynamic and very well structured. What surprised me is the special talent of teachers to explain financial concepts in the sense of a non-specialist. I recommend this course to people who want to make better decisions in the current activity using the financial-accounting tools. I consider this course an opportunity, the main responsibility of the participant being to enjoy it. ”
Livia Dumitru, Director juridic - Alpha Bank
“The information about the basics of accounting, financial analysis and investment decisions were complemented by tasty and useful discussions in the classroom. I recommend the course to any entrepreneur or non-specialist manager who wants to understand how the business he runs generates value for shareholders.” I recommend the course “Finance for Financial Managers” to any entrepreneur or non-specialist manager who wants to understand how the business he runs generates value for shareholders. “
Andrei Iordache, Business Partner - GSK România
“I wholeheartedly recommend attending the Finance for Financial Managers course, due to its immediate practical applicability. You have very good materials available, selected by the EXEC-EDU team – extraordinary teachers, with very rich experience and, last but not least, an excellent working environment and flexible program. An additional benefit was for me the fact that the final project I elaborated started from a concrete situation in the company I work for. ”
Delia Lugojan, Procurement Manager - AstraZeneca
“I chose this course because of a need to deepen the financial / accounting knowledge and their application in understanding and evaluating client companies. The course provided me with practical knowledge tools, structured my information, gave me the opportunity to improve my spectrum of understanding and verification from multiple angles of the actions of the evaluated company. I was impressed by the organization of theoretical information with explanations and practical application through exercises. The use of materials for example, the feedback provided by the teachers and the final exams were the significant elements in achieving the course aims. ”
Răzvan Cioroianu, Senior Account Manger - Senior Software

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