Emotional Intelligence


Those that understand the bond between emotions and actions can apply EQ skills to maximize effectiveness have a stand-out advantage in any organization.

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Simona Podgoreanu

Simona Podgoreanu is a manager, consultant, trainer and certified coach. She’d been an HR manager for 14 years for an important group in the agribusiness area. Right now, she’s the HR manager for KPMG.

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    Simona Podgoreanu

    HR, Leadership, Negociere

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is vital to being an effective and high-performing member of any team. Those who understand the connection between emotions and actions and can apply EQ skills to maximize effectiveness have a stand-out advantage in any organization.

In this program you will:

  • understand and recognize the benefits of developing EQ;
  • know how to use the 4 emotional competencies to optimize professional performance and interpersonal relationships;
  • acknowledge destructive emotions and learn how to deal with them;
  • learn how to evaluate your emotional intelligence capacity and how to use it in order to determine and inspire your team;
  • learn how to develop this important talent.

Transactional analysis;

  • Strokes or messages of recognition: How can we communicate in an EI oriented way?
  • Ego states: PARENT, ADULT, CHILD and their influence on our behavior: How can we decide and act in an EI oriented way?
  • The impulse-mesages-emotions-decision relationship.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Why andd when is EQ more important than IQ;
  • Notions and interpretations;
  • EQ appliance in leadership;
  • EQ missing cost;
  • Emotional intelligence and coaching;

Emotional intelligence and leadership;

  • Evaluating leadership skills;
  • Leadership skills in practice;
  • Personal development plan.

EXEC-EDU certificate.

  • 375 EUR (VAT not included)

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Simona Podgoreanu


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