Costs management in times of crisis

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In the actual context it is essential to know about cost management and how a series of decisions impacts our business now, but especially in the long run.

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Period – 4 session of 1.5h each (2 sessions a day)

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Monica Minoiu, EMBA

“Most of the time, the participants ask me for additional sources and answers for particular questions related to their activity. I have built a personal style, based on the ease of approaching “hard” problems in a “soft” way. I put a lot of effort into every interaction with the participants and I wish them all the best during and after they graduate the program.”

  • Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Management strategic și operațional

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In the actual context it is essential to know about cost management and how a series of decisions impacts our business now, but especially in the long run.

Which are the most important paths in times of crisis? How do you figure out how to manage costs? Are you ready to deal with crisis situations? How will you act, tactically and strategically? In terms of costs, do crisis measures mean cutting costs or preserving partnerships and “business re-engineering”?

Here are just a few questions that every leader should have the answers to at any time, but especially when running a business and facing a crisis situation.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to identify different perspectives of looking at your business, in a crisis situation.

This focused workshop addresses:

  • Managers from companies with decision making power in budget planning and execution;
  • Project managers;
  • Entrepreneurs.

Sessions are focused on a fast transfer of knowledge, with 30% theoretical aspects and 70% practical concepts, offering a system for identifying existing problems in companies and concrete solutions to approach in crisis situations.

Sessions include easy-to-implement approaches, based on a lot of interactivity and on-line teamwork.

The agenda aims to:

  • Identify sensitive sources regarding costs during times of crisis;
  • Cross-functional approach to the crisis situation;
  • Structured risk analysis to identify measures that can be taken to recover;
  • Exercising a mindset orientated towards reinvention;
  • Discovering the cost optimization levers.
  • Re-organization versus re-engineering;
  • Paths to be followed in crisis situations;
  • 7 positive signs in actions diagnose during recession;
  • What is cost?
  • How do I manage costs?
  • The balance point analysis;
  • The economic context of costs in crisis situations;
  • Costs optimization.

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Monica Minoiu, EMBA


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