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This course is a journey of awareness during which participants will identify their inner conflictual sides as well as what brings them into conflict with the outside.

Where – Calea Griviței no. 6-10, ground floor, Sector 1, Bucharest
When – the is no session scheduled yet
Period– 2 days

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Carmen Mardale

She has 16 years experience as an HR Manager, coach and consultant (in teams effectiveness programs, change management, leadership), applying psycho-dynamic thinking and systemic knowledge in organizational development projects.

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    Carmen Mardale

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It all starts with awareness – the moment each one begins to understand what lies behind their contradictory feelings when they feel they must divide themselves into what they want and what they must do, between what they feel and what the rationality requires, between what they like and what is expected of them, between being themselves and pleasing others.

Authentic leaders are working hard to develop self-awareness through constant exercises and often courageous exploration of self. In order to be authentic it is necessary to know who you are.

Şi abia după ce am înţeles ce se întâmplă în interiorul nostru ne uităm şi în afară, la relaţiile cu ceilalţi, la posibilele conflicte, declarate sau nu. Because most of the time external conflicts mirror deeply inner feelings, they have roots in the profound layers of our life. And how much energy do we lose in these conflicts? What if we would put this energy in service to our goals?

In both cases, internal conflicts – external conflict, we are talking about two parties. And when we think about solving a conflict it is important to understand the positive intent of each party and it is necessary for both parties to want to solve the conflict. As it takes two to tango, it also takes two to live in harmony.

This 2-day course is aimed at all those who want to know themselves better, to live authentic, to find inner balance and their own form of expressing themselves, to discover the source of conflicts, whether it is internal or external, to find a way to observe conflicts and to be able to address those that arise.

  • You discover your own values ​​- the main source of motivation, answer for your “why”;
  • You recognize the roles you play in your life and to what extent you live your values ​​- as a potential source of conflict;
  • You clarify your own conflicts, internal and external and you’ll have a better understanding of their source;
  • You get a better understanding of your inner world, which will help you to find the best form of expressing who you really are;
  • You experiment empathy and understanding by looking through other people’s eyes;
  • You experience a different perspective on deep, difficult to express personal issues that seem but are not unsolvable;
  • You develop your behavioral flexibility;
  • You experiment conflict resolution techniques, which you can apply later on;
  • You save energy wasted in conflicts and redirect it to fulfilling your objectives – in order to become more focused and productive;

We will focus on:

  • Defining and identifying conflicts;
  • Understanding conflict generators;
  • Exercises for a better understanding of ourselves;
  • Exercises for conflict solving.

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  • 375 EUR (VAT not included)
“A very interesting course, very useful in daily life. I recommend it to everyone because of its role in the identification of self problems.”
Magda Godeanu, Financial Controller - Winment Team Solutions

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Carmen Mardale


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