Change Management


This 2 day workshop aims to offer information regarding the most efficient ways to make a change process.

Where – Calea Griviței no. 6-10, ground floor, Sector 1, Bucharest
When – the is no session scheduled yet
Period– 2 days

The course delivery depends on the registration of at least 10 participants.

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.


Monica Minoiu, EMBA

“Most of the time, the participants ask me for additional sources and answers for particular questions related to their activity. I have built a personal style, based on the ease of approaching “hard” problems in a “soft” way. I put a lot of effort into every interaction with the participants and I wish them all the best during and after they graduate the program.”

  • Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Management strategic și operațional

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This 2 day workshop aims to offer information regarding the most efficient ways to make a change process.

The program aims to determine participants to:

  • understand foundational aspects of change management and the critical role managers play in the change process;
  • define their needs and the change benefits;
  • create or increase the awareness of the change management need at organizational level, as a key-factor for continuous improvement and agile behaviour;
  • emphasize the difficulty of running a successful change management program and the tools/techniques that could be used;
  • take part at creating a proactive attitude regarding change.
  • What is change management? Typos and characteristics;
  • Why, when, who and how?
  • Stages and elements of change;
  • Reasons for change resilience:
  1. Surprises, fears, pressure, politics;
  2. Personal profiles, context, company culture regarding change;
  3. Behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, humanistic approaches;
  4. Perceptions, mental patterns and paradigms – the most common barriers in the process of change management;
  • Differences between individual and organizational change;
  • The premises of a change management process;
  • Four approaches to individual change;
  • Areas of change at the organizational level (people, processes, structural and strategic). The role of change management;
  • Models of change;
  • Change mapping: initial evaluation, development of support structures, customized change management plan, implementation, change messages support;
  • Seven golden rules in change management.

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  • 375 EUR (VAT not included)

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Monica Minoiu, EMBA


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