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In this period of fast and unexpected change it is essential to adapt to this throbbing and uncertain environment and learn how to transform challanges into opportunities.

Where – Zoom
When – the is no session scheduled yet
Period– 4 sessions of 1.5h each (2 sessions/day)

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Simona Podgoreanu

Simona Podgoreanu is a manager, consultant, trainer and certified coach. She’d been an HR manager for 14 years for an important group in the agribusiness area. Right now, she’s the HR manager for KPMG.

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    Simona Podgoreanu

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In this period of fast and unexpected change it is essential to adapt to this throbbing and uncertain environment and learn how to transform challanges into opportunities.

What does the change process involve? Which are the agile behavior needed by a leader throughout this process? How can they act and influence the change so that it could be implemented successfully?

These are some questions we will address in this interactive workshop using the Adizes®. This one starts from the basic principle that all organizations, like living organisms, have a life cycle and present predictable and repetitive behavioral patterns as they grow and age. In each new stage of development, each organization faces a specific set of challenges. The success or failure of an organization depends on how the challenges are approached, by each of us as a leader.

Adizes® is a structured system for accelerating change at the organizational level. It’s been developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes and it’s been used for over 40 years now, in 52 countries from all over the world, demonstrating its value.

It is effective at individual level, also in family or groups of any sizes – including corporations and non-profit associations, government agencies, and at society level, viewed as a whole.

This focused workshop addresses:

  • top managers;
  • department managers;
  • leaders from local or multinational companies, with a decision-making role
  • You will understand in which moments change management and agile behavior becomes essential;
  • You will learn how to manage the change process;
  • You will acquire the necessary tools and techniques for this purpose: PAEI Model, PCDA Model;
  • You will benefit from a practical and interactive program. The theory-practice ratio is 30-70.
  • Change and change management;
  • Typologies and characteristics of change;
  • Why, when and how the change takes place;
  • Stages, elements and cycle of change;
  • Behaviors needed for a leader in the process of change;
  • Methods for influencing the success of organizational change;
  • Methods of developing agile behavior – The PDCA model (Plan – Do – Check – Act).

You will find out:

  • What behaviors are manifested in difficult situations, when change is needed;
  • What skills do you have to improve and how to do it;
  • For this thing we will use a questionnaire to identify roles and behaviors in the change process;
  • We will analyze PAEI importance (Producer, Administrator, Entrepreneur, Integrator) in the change process.

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  • 150 EUR (VAT not included) / person

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Simona Podgoreanu


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