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In a conflict there are two sides and maybe when we talk about an external conflict, it is easier for each of the parties to divide the “fighting territory” so as to serve their own interests.

Where – Zoom
When – the is no session scheduled yet
Period – 4 workshops, each lasting 1.5h

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Carmen Mardale

She has 16 years experience as an HR Manager, coach and consultant (in teams effectiveness programs, change management, leadership), applying psycho-dynamic thinking and systemic knowledge in organizational development projects.

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We are facing an unprecedented scenario that awakens inside us a big range of emotions. And, for sure, regardless of individual particularities, there are two that predominate – fear and anxiety. Both of them also have a positive part: protecting us from danger. Maybe you ask yourselves if they are different. Yes, they are. Fear is a response to something that comes from the outside, while anxiety has its roots inside.

These days the dangers that come from outside sources trigger anxiety and we defend ourselves by possibilities – some by denial (we see this situation as an economic crisis, but we forget that until then, we and our loved ones must survive), others by humor – making fun of trouble, others are looking for culprits, others are creating scenarios (some more persecuting than others).

The program is aimed at both managers and their teams, who need to find resources to manage stress and anxiety more easily. We work with teams of 8 people in a team coaching process.

  • We will work for 1.5 hours along 4 sessions, in which every participant will get the chance to work on a theme, either personal or professional, helping them deal with the challenges they confront.
  • During this time, participants will develop and learn by taking part in the general discussion generated by other colleagues challenges. Some feelings will echo – “I’m not the only one who feels this”.
  • Participants will feel listened, understood, emotions will be contained and will make sense, they will no longer feel alone and will benefit from group support, especially in the terns of isolation. Group cohesion and mutual support will grow. The discussion format facilitates listening, a safe place, accepting the diversity of opinion etc.

In order to be able to go through these moments and face the conditions we each face, we need reason to understand, to discern, to act less impulsively, irrationally, aggressively. And we can reach this state of mind by managing our emotions. But before this we need to face, understand and give them a meaning.

This is one of our abilities and we want to create opportunities to go through all this as consciously as possible. And because this isolation can lead to alienation and loneliness, we will address these issues in team sessions.

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  • 192 EUR + VAT / workshop / participant – 4 sessions x 2h

The program addresses a team formed by maximum 8 people

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Carmen Mardale


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