Anca Coman

Anca has 22 years of experience working in national and multinational companies and 4 years of experience in entrepreneurship. From her various experiences she understood that working with people is what brings her the greatest pleasure. She loves sharing knowledge and experiences through which people can discover themselves and live fulfilled.

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    Anca Coman

    Mindfulness și autocunoaștere

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Stress, chaotic lifestyle and intellectual hyper solicitation are factors that make our mind tired and determines physical and psychical exhaustion.

Although we are aware that the state of our mind influences our decisions and actions at all times, we do very little daily to cultivate a calm and creative mind.

We consume our mental energy with assumptions, judgments, projections and inner conflicts.

We have not been educated to take care of our minds as we care for our bodies through sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

But, as many studies about brain’s neuroplasticity demonstrate, there’s never too late to learn how to educate our mind and how to use it at its full potential, in our advantage.

This program is designed for all those interested in discovering tools to work with their minds and to exploit the potential offered by it at all times.

What you’ll learn:

  • techniques for raising awareness of the mental space and increasing the level of attention and concentration;
  • ideas for overcoming rumination and the autopilot of the mind;
  • ways to access creative and intuitive thinking;
  • techniques for reducing stress and managing the unforeseen;

During this workshop we will:

  • discuss how mindfulness helps us to know, relax and release our mental space;
  • practice three practices that train our mind to a state of mindfulness and redirection of full attention to what we are experiencing in the present moment;

learn how to practice daily exercises to bring clarity and mental relaxation, even in the midst of chaos and create the right space for conscious and wise choices.

  • 40 EUR (VAT not included)

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