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    Liliana Urziceanu, EMBA


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    Günter Vosskämper

    Diagnoză organizațională

In the actual context, strongly affected by the economical and social aspects, it is more important than ever to make correct decisions regarding human resources inside an organization. Each company has a range of tools they are already working on in terms of employee development.

By this program we aim to add to this range of tools another useful one – The Assessment Center (a tool for diagnosing skills that brings benefits to both individuals and the company).

During 2 days of intensive course, you will find out the advantages of designing a successful Assessment Center, how to organize it, what are the most used types and how to avoid the most common mistakes, in order to have excellent results both in the recruitment & selection process and staff development.

This course is dedicated to:

  • managers and executives in any business area;
  • human resource executives involved in achieving goals related to employee development, performance and efficient placement of human resources in the operational and functional units of a company.
  • You will learn how to develop an assessment center, which is the most appropriate mix of components and how to correlate them with goals and area of interest.
  • You will discover basic skills, how to group them in correlation with existent ones in your company and their values, also how to establish the appropriate exercises and simulations.
  • You will be able to avoid mistakes due to lack of focus, separate between interpreting behavior and observing it and how to improve the observers team.
  • You will be able to provide appropriate feedback based on observation and present the measures that could be followed.
  • Definition of the assessment center (CE);
  • Explanation of the “skills diagnosis” therm;
  • Interactive exercise/ debate and conclusions;
  • Different types of assessment centers;
  • Assessment center as a tool for selection and development;
  • The premises of an assessment center;
  • The observing team;
  • Exercises in the assessment center;
  • The observers’ conference;
  • What does in fact the implementation imply?
  • Program and structure setting;
  • The importance of coordinating an assessment center;

EXEC-EDU certificate.

  • 395 EUR (VAT not included)
  • Graduates of the “Strategic Human Resources Management” program benefit of 15% discount.
“A very well organized course, the theoretical concepts were successfully completed by relevant examples gathered from the activity and experience of trainers and participants.”
Mădălina Seceanu, HR Plant Section - Leoni Wiring Systems, Pitesti
“Assessment Center is a very useful management tool for justifying a promotion through transparency and objectivity.”
Ligia Suditu, HR Manager - Trost Auto Service Technik
“In order to evaluate others’ performance in a certain context it is not enough to have information. You must have gone through at least a simulation of that situation yourself. Thanks for the information and for the opportunity to test their applicability during the course.”
Cristina Sângeorzan, Specialist instruire și dezvoltare - Leoni Bistrița
“The two days lived up to my expectations, noting the balance between the theoretical basis and the business experience of the trainers. Accuracy and professionalism are the two words that accompany me after these two days! ”
Maria Costa, Specialist Managementul performanței - Mega Image
“Participating in this course was a real pleasure. A very well structured and practical course. Its usefulness in the career of an HR man is, if not vital, of utmost importance. It has brought knowledge from many areas and a plus in my personal development.”
Mădălina Glodea, Specialist Managementul performanței - Mega Image

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