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In coaching I am the co-pilot that assists your journey to excellence, setting the optimal environment through which you’ll discover if what you want is also what you need. You will clarify aims and strategies, trace internal saboteurs, align yourself with your values, develop your way to communicate and find own creative and efficient solutions to your problems.

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    Monica Dudoiu

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What is CUBES?

This exercise is a practical experiment that will enhance your comprehension of personal and collective risk management processes when setting goals and aiming to achieve better results. What keeps us from achieving a better result when we want something? Or what delays us in the process? How do we manage the internal and external saboteurs that appear in the process? How do we manifest personal power and strengthen our personal boundaries?

Participants in the team coaching course will think about a personal goal. It can be anything you have wanted to achieve for some time and you have not yet succeeded: relational, vocational, career or business related. Then they will start the exercise consisting in practical, concrete action, the participants will build something concrete, as in life we always “build” on a desire, goal, need.

Because any action we initiate has its roots in the thought and energy of intention, influencing the subconscious, from a systemic point of view, all sorts of personal patterns will come to light.

This course is dedicated to:

  • Managers with professional objectives, within the teams they lead;
  • Entrepreneurs, concerned by the strategy clarification process, business grow or an internal process that needs improvement;
  • Anyone that wants to know why there are delays, deviations or even barriers in any personal goal set.

You will discover:

  • What you truly want;
  • You will recognize where your personal strength resides, your “assets”;
  • You will discover what thoughts go through your mind, how you communicate with yourself and what beliefs intervene when you concretely put a personal goal into an action;
  • You will explore various perspectives and ways to achieve and / or improve a result;
  • You will learn to adapt and recognize blockage patterns;
  • You will learn from your mistakes and improve the process to achieve desired results.

EXEC-EDU certificate.

  • Starting price:1500 EUR + VAT / day / group
  • The Team Coaching course’s price is determined taking in consideration the goals set, number of sessions and tools involved.

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to call or write us, full details can be found in the Contact section.


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