Positive Executive Presence

A Masterclass created and delivered by Laurel Herman, Founder and CEO Positive Presence, London


It is no longer enough to be just competent, knowledgeable and professionally qualified. People buy people and successful business is driven by successful relationships. High personal impact, strong relationship skills & an ever-growing relevant address book gain that all-important competitive edge.

The report recently published by The Center for Talent Innovation, the eminent US think-tank, concluded that Executive Presence – being perceived as leadership material – is undoubtedly the vital ingredient to get to the top of organisations.

A Positive Presence gets noticed, noted, listened to, taken seriously, respected and remembered positively; they get more from people, from situations … and indeed, from life itself.

This tri-faceted Positive Executive Presence Masterclass gives you some essential tools for becoming a Positive Presence, creating fresh thinking, dispelling misconceptions and motivating for improvement. It seamlessly integrates optimised Appearance, Behaviour & Communication (i.e. the ABC of all seen and heard that together create Perception) to ensure being recognised, visible and valued as a Positive Presence.


‘YOU are your own best Business Card’

The CV is important but as YOU walk in the door, it is YOU who wins – or loses – the job, the deal ….. or whatever else is at stake.

About Positive Presence, U.K. and About Laurel Herman


A leader in its field, Positive Presence is renowned internationally for having taken image consultancy to an intelligent, respected level – Perception Management. Working with men and women privately or from organisations large (e.g. Barclays, The BBC, Central Bank of Romania, CISCO, Deloitte, GSK, BP, Thomson Reuters, PWC, RSA, Tata Group, JPMorgan) and small, and in all sectors, Positive Presence has successfully helped thousands of people to gain credibility, gravitas and confidence and be viewed as a Positive Presence, thereby raising their profile and influence.


Positive Presence was founded in 1994 by Laurel Herman, renowned as an international authority, innovator and thought-leader on all aspects of personal and professional effectiveness and for addressing significant life changes with positivity, practicality and pragmatism. Having written numerous articles for the trade and professional press as well as the definitive book on business image for the Chartered Management Institute which sold worldwide, Laurel frequently appears in the global media as a commentator and spokesperson. A sought-after and accomplished professional, she regularly addresses a wide range of audiences both in the UK and abroad on a range of related topics. With unparalleled experience, her stories and anecdotes make her an interesting, inspirational presenter with an impactful, charismatic and subtly motivational style. As the hands-on CEO and Lead consultant, Laurel heads the team of leading experts in their fields.


Some of what they say …

We found Laurel Herman’s workshop very professional and full of relevant tips, opening up new horizons for our participants in terms of improvement of their personal impact. The feedback was excellent and we will definitely be working with Positive Presence again in the future.

Andreea Voinea, Executive Director – BANCA COMERCIALA ROMANA, Nov 2015

Laurel Herman is an exceptionally valuable resource. I engaged her several times to work with high potential team members who needed to augment their impact and presence in order to climb to the next dimension of their careers. Laurel expertly tailored each program to the individual to achieve very positive and, importantly, lasting results. I have recommended Laurel to many executives globally and will happily continue to do so.

Nancy C Gardner, General Counsel – Thomson Reuters Markets Division (USA)

Laurel’s highly tailored approach and candidate feedback provide for a powerful tool in career, confidence and image building. Laurel has an extensive network which she actively uses to connect people at senior level to one another. She really is a pleasure to work with.

Isabel Fernandez, President & CEO Bank Loans – GE Capital (USA)

A natural empathy with the audience & a presenting style that was fully inclusive to all whether they be introverts or extroverts. An excellent and very valuable session with lots of practical tips.

Debs Eden, PwC

I was lucky enough to work with Laurel and her team. Positive Presence was a challenging yet personally fulfilling programme but now many months later I still use the skills and techniques which have become part of my way of working and also of my every day routine. Positive Presence allows you to hold a mirror up to yourself and truly focus on you as an individual, how you are perceived and then develop your personal brand. It is not always easy but the reward far outweighs the challenges!

Joanne May, Snr HR – Barclaycard


Audience: The Positive Executive Presence workshop is for men and women from any size organisation and in any sector.

Date: March 31st

Time: 9,00 – 17,00

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Bucharest

Price: 295 EUR + VAT

Price with early bird discount: 255 EUR + VAT (up to February 12th)




The 7 steps that will get YOU perceived as a Positive Presence – or even more of one:

What is the Impact Factor?

Evaluating your Personal Impact Factor

Defining your Presence

Evaluating how to make it your Positive Presence (not a textbook, but a personal journey)

Introduction to the ten Impactful Behaviours – includes Relationship Intelligence, People Engagement, Leadership, Networking etc.

Addressing existing perceptions, situations and relationships that need improving

Moving forward , practically and pragamatically and positively.


The Presence ABC – Practical advice and tools for being viewed as a Positive Presence within the context of first (and subsequent) encounters in various relevant business scenarios:

Invisible Image – email

Invisible image – phone/teleconferencing – voice power and presence, verbal content

Meetings and video conferencing – body language, demeanour, appearance, etiquette

Audiences – presenting, pitching and public speaking with Presence

Social business, conferences, events etc – networking strategy and relationship initiation/development tool

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