IFRS 9 in practice | July 3-4

KEY ASPECTS for proper implementation of IFRS 9 in the banking sector

• Jan 2018 is the effective date to be applied for banking sector across Europe and for entire world banking community (since its final form issued in 2014);
• IFRS 9 implementation has a wide range impact on a bank or non-banking financial institution business;
• Business model completely changed from old IAS 39 ruled based approach to IFRS 9 principle based approach for financial instruments;
• The Key impact on banking sector is on Impairment model and the major aspects will be addressed by this seminar.

IFRS 9 implementation may improve portfolio management and therefore, profitability of a Bank.
High-quality risk management is not the cost, it is an efficiency driver.
Seminar Objectives
The purpose of this seminar is twofold:

– It is important to give in-depth description of IFRS 9 credit allowance calculation.
– But it is even more important to show how to apply these results to portfolio management, how to use them to improve business efficiency, how to unite segmental risk management techniques into bank management technologies.
Seminar Benefits
What You Get

• In-depth understanding of credit portfolio modeling, management, and pricing;
• Business-oriented approach to IFRS 9 credit allowance calculation;
• Study cases and ready-to-apply methodologies for portfolio optimization;
• Course materials which help you to improve your day-to-day activity.

Date and place: July, 3-4, Bucharest, 8-10 Calea Grivitei Str.

Investment: 450 EUR + VAT

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Day 1

Portfolio management general framework: balance of asset and liability structures in focus, restricted set of management tools, regulatory restrictions, statistical models as an illusion theatre:

Expected loss calculation: approaches, motivation, IFRS 9 advantages, solutions:

Day 2

Reaching the target: key performance indicators:

Risk- and liquidity-based pricing:

New business optimization:

IFRS 9 implementation: practical tools to manage a project