Paul Olteanu


In the last 10 years he’s been helping people and companies to communicate better, to know themselves in a more authentic way and to get to their better self.

He’s been active in more than 7500 hours of training, coaching, consulting regarding subjects such as communication psychology, self-knowledge, psychological profiling applied for companies, public speaking, personal branding and group dynamics, in front of people from Europe, America and Asia.

  • Paul is the founder of People Dynamics – a training & coaching company focused on  transformation programs based on the structure  and dynamics of the human personality
  • He’s a certified trainer and coach in Process Communication Model ® – an awarded theory regarding personalities, used by NASA for selecting and training teams, as well as for communication trainings of the American presidents. In the last 3 years he’s been delivering the PCM model to more than 900 professionals (managers from national and multinational companies, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, consultants), or in customized programs or open classes.
  • Since 2014, Paul is one of the first 5 consultants in Europe  certified in Story-Based Transformation Process – an innovative approach based on the principles of inductive learning and on the brain’s neuroplasticity
  • In 2015 he got the Human Synergistics certification – the most used tool in the world for the diagnosis of the thinking styles and developing organizational culture.
  • In 2016 he became an international certified coach of International Coaching Federation, AAC level of certification.

He designed and delivered programs for companies such as: Amgen, AVON, BCR, BRD, CBRE, CEZ, Gothaer, Graffiti BBDO, Heineken, Kubis Interactive, Oracle, Raiffeisen Bank, SAP, Securitas Romania, Servier Pharma, ServUsTech,Tempo Advertising, UNDP, Vodafone, Wrigley, WWF România, Zitec.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars  (Forbes, Biz, TEDxCaleaVictoriei).

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