Mission, Vision & Values

icon6 Values
EXEC-EDU values start from the assumption that organisations are communities of people that work better into an environment of trust and interraction. Our values are:
– Passion
– Performance
– Progress
– Partenership
icon7 Vision
Our goal is to help the leaders who are prepared at EXEC-EDU impact the performance of Romanian business community.
icon8 Mission

We are in the service of people who want to continuously develop as managers, entrepreneurs and performant leaders, while feeling achieved.
For each of our clients we choose those learning experiences that suit them better; we offer them with passion, dedication and professionalism and this way they become useful for their career and life.
By continuously inovating with the help of our expers and partners, we assist managers in meeting all their needs with the most diversified portfolio of management, leadership si well-being from Romania. We encourage our clients to be responsible to the community and the members of their organisation.
We give a special attention to the development of our team of professors, trainers and coaches. All of them have a wide business experience, holding top management functions in Romanian or global companies.
We facilitate interactivity and networking in the continuous development process, as we believe in the value of exchanging opinions and trustworthy relationships between valuable people.