Finance and Accounting for Non Finance Managers -Tycoon® Business Simulation

At the end of this two-day course, participants will understand the mechanisms of a business, covering the main financial and accounting concepts through practical exercices and examples and participating in the Tycoon simulation. The course aims to help non-financial managers to understand and correctly interpret financial statements and indicators.


  • You will manage the financial language and the basic financial terms
  • You will correctly evaluate the consequences – in financal acounting terms – of the transactions undertaken by the company
  • You will understand the relationship between activities, resources and company’s financial statements
  • You will correctly interpret and evaluate the content of financial reports and financial indicators

Training methods

This two-day course uses the Tycoon business simulation.

TYCOON is designed as an active method of training, with the basic features of a game: the existence of several teams, conducting the simulation by a set of rules, the possibility of appointing a winner.

This simulation is an intense learning experience, which involves taking decisions in a multinational company operating in Western Europe in 2021. The company manufactures and sells a product for domestic use – an electronic robot with human form, executing a wide range of domestic activities.

Participants receive a set of data and information about the market, financial results, production, human resources etc. The simulation takes place over four rounds. At the end, each team presents its results and discusses the impact of decisions and other possible alternatives .

The benefits of the method

  • Facilitates an overall understanding of the processes of a business,
  • Develops the necessary skills to make decisions skills, helping participants to understand their impact in a risk free environment;
  • Develops team spirit, by adopting group decisions during the simulation;
  • Develops key management skills: communication, teamwork and time management
  • Helps participants to learn the value of teamwork in the process of finding viable alternatives and optimal solutions.

Investment: 395 EUR (VAT excluded)

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1st Day

  • Financial dialect – understanding and negotiating with financial experts
  • Assets, liabilities, income and expenses
  • Costs and income sources
  • The significance of financial statement: the way the company’s activities mirror themselves into financial statements
  • Balance sheet – the fundamental informing source in financial analysis

2nd Day

  • Cash Flow structures
  • Income statement structure (profit & loss account)
  • The connection between the income statement and the balance sheet
  • Financial statement analysis: analysis of revenues and costs, receivables and liabilities, cash in and payments; company analysis in terms of profitability, liquidity and financial balance; identifying company’s sources of income and expense.