Successful negotiation with suppliers

In turbulent times, one of the main concerns of any company is to maximize the outcome of every single transaction. A key element for increasing efficiency and profit potential in organizations is the negotiation process with suppliers. Based on filmed simulations, role-plays and case studies, participants will practice negotiation strategies and tactics. At the end of the course, participants will have the tools to start the negotiation with assertiveness and finalize the transaction successfully.

Course objectives
– To improve your ability to negotiate in competitive as well as collaborative situations
– To increase your level of awareness of the negotiation process
– To become familiar with specific concepts and principles that will enhance your negotiation effectiveness
– To critically analyze your own negotiation style and its impact upon the others. To analyze your partner’s negotiation style

Working methods and approach

Consider for a moment what percentage of your working day your will spend negotiating. At the same time, consider that you must already be a good negotiator, or you would not be in the position you occupy. Because you have already developed a negotiation style through your own experiences, we cannot expect radical changes in that style in the 2 days we have together. What we can expect is to formalize your experiences, and to take some time to think critically about what may now be an intuitive process for you. This will allow us to establish a framework that will help you increase your learning every time you are involved in a new negotiation.

How much progress you make in our session on negotiation will be up to you. Because negotiating is a skill, there is only one way to improve: practice. Practice of this skill, as with any other, must be accompanied by a critical analysis of your experiences and by a commitment to improve until new skills become part of your repertoire..

Each course session will contain three stages:
1) Negotiation exercises. During each session you will have the opportunity to negotiate with one or more colleagues.
2) Result analysis during the class. After each negotiation we will analyze the results together and we will talk about its main aspects.
3) Agenda. During your daily activities it is difficult to give yourself time for the analysis of your own negotiation style. This is why we will ask you to deeply analyze this style during the program. You will keep a journal (an agenda) in which we will register not only strengths, but also weaknesses that need to be improved in order to create a competitive negotiation style.

Regarding this activity, I would like to remark for the benefit of the negotiation session that it is essential to keep strict confidentiality over the practice material that will be delivered along each session, even with your classmates and/or members of your negotiating team.

Both you and your eventual negotiation partner will be receiving different information and instructions for the simulation exercise. Therefore, in order to make the simulation process more effective, both parties should assume it as being absolutely restricted either before or after the negotiation practice up to the point we all discuss the case in class.

INVESTMENT: 375 EUR (VAT excluded) per participant

Finally, I would like to make some recommendations for you to get the maximum benefit of this Module:
– Please be an active participant in class.
– To be effective, the negotiating exercise requires that you firmly believe the role you area representing. Please internalize the role you are assigned in each case and act out it accordingly. This added realism is important for you as well as your partner(s).
– Explore new approaches to negotiate and be open to change.
– Have fun!!




1st Day

Negotiation principles

Types of negotiation

Negotiation strategies and tactics

Negotiation planning and preparation

Stakeholders’ analysis

BATNA in negotiation process

2nd Day

Total Cost of Ownership. TCO analysis

Acquisition segmentation

Cost reduction strategies

Cost and price analysis of supplier’s offers

Efficient relationship management

What to do and what not to do at the negotiation table

Closing techniques

Contracts’ negotiation strategie

Amelia Ruican, Agent contractari si achizitii, Elpreco

A fost o experienta extraordinara, de departe, cel mai practic si competent curs la care am participat pana acum. Cu siguranta, il voi recomanda tuturor, in special, fiicei mele care este studenta la ASE, in anul I.

Alina Sisiiac, Manager, Seeds for Happiness

Un curs condensat, informatie bine structurata care mi-a clarificat ideile cu privire la negociere (cum o stiam din punct de vedere al cumparatorului). Sunt sigura ca ma va ajuta si il voi recomanda.

Dan Spataru, Director Logistica, Industrial Access

Un curs foarte util in perfectarea unor viitoare colaborari si contracte cu furnizorii. O mai mare incredere in fortele proprii in a negocia.

Florin Tricorache, Director general, Test Trading

Curs foarte interesant, cu multe exemple practica curenta, interactiv.

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