Train the Trainers

A 4-days intensive course based on the most recent training methods and approaches, offering the participants a wide view upon this process – from preparation to organisation, delivery and evaluation.
During the program, the participants will have the opportunity to test their new abilities by experiential exercises.

  •  How about seeing the learning styles from a new perspective? What is your style?
  • What is the efficiency of traditional learning and delivery methods vs the new ones?
  • How can I adapt the learning methods and techniques to the course objectives?
  • How much does framing helps?
  • What is the legislation and the opportunities in professional adult training “world”?
  • What is the course “toolbox”?
  • How can I handle the difficult personalities in the learning class?
  • Which one is the most apropiate evaluation method?
  • How do I know if I have reached my objectives?
  •  Am I ready to enter the “lion arena”?

These are only some of the questions that we’ll find the answers at the program Train the Trainers.

At the end of the course you’ll become certified trainer, according to the occupational standard COR-242401 required by the Ministry of Education

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Dan Carciumaru, HR Business Partner South East Europe Euralis, Euralis

Conform cu asteptarile mele, merita organizat in continuare.

Lucian Rosu, PastelAge

Un curs foarte util pentru oricine vrea sa fie formator, excelent organizat din toate punctele de vedere. Se discuta si se exemplifica foarte multe notiuni din domeniul formarii si recomand cursul cu caldura.

Doina Binig, Vicepresedinte, Siveco Romania

Un mare plus al cursului a fost faptul ca participantii au plecat cu ceva mai mult decat un certificat: networking, principii si metode cunoscute poate intuitiv, dar niciodata aprofundate formal, un feedback profesionist asupra propriei imagini de trainer.

Andreea Mihnea, HR Manager, Ernst&Young

Un curs relevant, util si agreabil de parcurs, fara a fi lipsit de rigurozitate. Se aplica cu usurinta celor care sunt deja familiarizati cu rolul de formator reusind sa adauge cunostiinte si abilitati noi.

Roxana Tesiu, Head of HR, Europe, AVP

Am intalnit un grup foarte reusit la cursul de Formator. Mi-a facut placere sa particip, sunt incantata de oamenii pe care i-am intalnit si de lucrurile noi pe care le-am aflat. Lectorul este foarte bun in ceea ce face.

Dan Lazarean, Director General, Concept Electronics

Cursul este atractiv si util.

Daniela Zirra, Director Centru Cercetari Economice, Univ. Romano-Americana

Atmosfera placuta si stimulativa. Grupul de cursanti a fost foarte dinamic => nivel ridicat de colaborare.

Dan Macovei, Instructor pregatire profesionala, Porsche Romania

Personal acest curs a fost un real “update” necesar activitatii pe care o desfasor – o experienta reusita.

Camelia Strete, Training Manager, Toyota Romania

Am apreciat calitatea informatiilor selectate de lector, teoriile si modelele de actualitate.