Leadership 360

Leadership 360 is the only complete and integrated program in Romania that develops at least 10 skills every great leader needs to succeed.

For 14 years, this program has been turning leaders into the best version of themselves:

  • they are visionaries and strategists
  • they are catalysts for change
  • they influence those around them, in all areas and at all levels
  • they are authentic, honest, creative and emotional intelligent
  • they have the energy to enjoy their work as well as themselves, their family life and social life and consider them a whole
  • they constantly develop, they become more performant and more appreciated

Leadership competences developed throughout the program:

1. Strategic thinking
2. Adapting the leadership style to the situation/person
3. Communication and influencing skills
4. The talent to relate harmoniously
5. The ability to motivate your team
6. The ability to delegate tasks efficiently
7. Team development through coaching and mentoring
8. Emotional Intelligence
9. Building a high performance team
10. Adapting to change and managing resistance to change

Participants profile:

  • Top and middle managers
  •  Team leaders, projectscoordinators
  •  Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants)
  • High potential employees
  • Any person with a leadership role

A 6-months intensive, highly interactive and pragmatic program, which engages you in an intense process of changing and developing the key leadership skills: you will be more emotionally intelligent, you will motivate your team by coaching and mentoring, you will improve your communication and negotiations skills and you will know how to generate and manage the changes in your organization; and, last but not least, you will learn how to delegate and manage your time more efficiently.

In the current economical business environment one fact is certain: successful companies are run by genuine leaders. From what we have noticed from our graduates career path, when the leader excels, the organization follows the same upward trend.

Individual development plan, assisted by the program coordinator:

“During the program, following an individual assessment, you will take the first steps towards change, developing a specific set of skills. This requires insight and careful analysis of your strengths and areas for improvement and also an analysis of how you are perceived by others. At the end of the program, you will present a project through which you will show how you’ve implemented change, using measurable goals and concrete actions. In this way, as per our graduates feedback, the transformation is deep and lasting, and the program has a major impact on your personal development.” Simona Podgoreanu -Program Coordinator, Trainer, Coach, HR Expert, managing teams for over 15 years

Previous participant companies: Accenture, Alstom, Arctic, Agricover, Bancpost, BCR, Berlin Chemie, Catena, Enel, Ericsson,  Fildas, Gameloft, GfK, Honeywell, Ivatherm, JTI, Renault, Siemens, L’Oréal, Libra Bank, McDonald’s, Media Pro Studios, Millward Brown, NN Asigurări, Noerr, Orange, Praktiker, Rompetrol, Unicredit, Vodafone, Wipro

Time frame

Courses: February 28  – June 13, 2017
The classes take place once a week, from 17.00 to 20.00.

April 2017 –Weekend mountain retreat


Classes: EUR 1,210 (VAT excluded)

Hogan EQ Assessment: EUR 80 (VAT excluded)

Individual development plan, assisted by the program coordinator & final presentation:

EUR 150 (VAT excluded)


  • If you decide to participate with two other colleagues, you receive a 5% discount
  • Early bird – 10% discount for payment until January 31, 2017!

Graduating the program

By successfully completing the course, you will receive an EXEC-EDU certificate, recognized in Romania’s business community.


Leadership 360 is a complex program that:

Uses a multitude of instruments of self-knowledge, the most important of them being: EQ Assesment Hogan, Who Moved My Cheese?®, transactional analysis, Adizes®;

 It guides the participants throughout a process of personal development, of great value for them and for their significant others. This is achieved by using a personal individual development plan, assisted by the program coordinator, based on the level of competencies indicated by Hogan EQ assessment.

 It is organized in a relaxed and interactive manner, where practical and open debates are encouraged by a team of moderators with management, training and coaching experience.

The mid program mountain weekend retreat organized in the mountains contributes to increasing mutual trust among participants.




  • Strategic thinking
  • Adapting the leadership style to the situation/person
  • Communication and influencing skills
  • The talent to relate harmoniously
  • The ability to motivate your team
  • The ability to delegate tasks efficiently
  • Team development through coaching and mentoring
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building a high performance team
  • Adapting to change and managing resistance to change
Calin Trantea, Project Manager – Mechanical USP, HAYNESPRO DATA

Acest curs este un ‘must’ pentru oricine doreste o dezvoltare personala sanatoasa. Iti deschide ochii prin lucruri simple, negru pe alb, fara prea multa filozofie. Am doar sentimente de recunostiinta in urma acestui curs, in primul rand pentru trainerii implicati dar si pentru cel care mi-a recomandat acest curs, sigur il voi recomanda si eu la randul meu.

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Leadership 360 is the only complete and integrated program in Romania that develops at least 10 skills every great leader needs to succeed. For 14 yea...
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